Bluestocking Society

Purpose on your terms.

Bluestocking Society

About us.

We help women identify the terms of their own growth by creating and sustaining a society in which like-minded and action-oriented young professionals gather to realize their personal and professional purpose.

Our purpose is helping you live on purpose.

Our mantra is purpose on your terms. Here at Bluestocking Society, we believe that the more access you have [self-awareness + action] to your authentic wants, desires, and ambitions, with the support of a tribe who believes in your vision even on the days you don't, the higher the probability of your wild success, success defined by you.

Is Bluestocking Society the tribe for you?

The society empowers young [heart + mind] female professionals to create, sustain and expand their influence in the contemporary business landscape. Access to experienced mentors invested in seeing you thrive. Established and diverse leaders sharing wisdom generously. High-powered peers who are rooting for you to win. A lot of laughter and the potential to make friends who will applaud your strokes of brilliance.  

You in? 

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